Our Partners

One Hope Canada, InterVarsity, Christian Camping International-Canada and the Fellowship of Christian Camps-BC are partners in this national project that invites churches and individuals across the country to pray for those involved in this important work.

One Hope Canada

One Hope Canada (formerly Canadian Sunday School Mission) is Canada’s largest camping ministry, overseeing more than 40 Bible camps across the country. Our purpose is to present the Gospel, particularly to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ and especially children and youth, and we disciple believers to living and serving through His Church.

For more than 90 years, One Hope Canada has shared the message of Jesus with children and youth, through Sunday schools, club programs, community outreaches and camps. More than 30,000 walk through our doors every year. More than 1,500 chose to receive Christ for the first time. Others renew their faith and continue to grow in their walk with Christ.


Since 1928, InterVarsity has been committed to inspiring youth, students and graduates to follow Jesus. Whether at our summer camps, in high schools or on college and university campuses, we introduce students to Jesus, encouraging them to follow him in every part of their lives.

Every summer we welcome more than 9,000 campers to our nine camps (five Circle Square Ranches and four Pioneer Camps) across Canada. In addition, 1,500 teenagers and young adults learn valuable leadership skills as they serve as summer staff. Seven of our nine camps also offer year-round programming, serving another 20,000 guests annually.

Christian Camping International

CCI/Canada belongs to Christian Camping International, which is a world-wide alliance of Christian camping associations in more than thirty countries. We operate as a non-profit, non-denominational organization, helping our members develop effective Christ-centered camp, conference, and retreat ministries.

CCI/Canada represents a growing membership of more than 200 camps and conference centres across Canada. Our camps enrich the lives of an estimated 125,000 children, youth, and families every summer. Our continued vision is to become an indispensable resource for our members.

We are a network of Christian camps, providing a strong offering of exceptional opportunities for children and adults through summer camp programs, conference venues, and retreat experiences. CCI/Canada is our nation’s largest Christian camping association.

Fellowship of Christian Camps - BC

The Fellowship of Christian Camps is just that, a fellowship of Christian Camps. Through encouragement to attend our annual conference, distribution of resource materials to member camps and their boards and provision of this website resource to help parents find camps for their children, FCC strives to be a fellowship. We feel that this fellowship is necessary because of the widespread geographical locations where our member camps find themselves and the unique bond we share in providing a Christian camp experience for children.